Pittsburgh tennis league scores

Current league leaders as of Monday, June 6th, 2013

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Women’s Singles A

Quirine Okonkwo

Women’s Singles B

Women’s Doubles A

Ester Hoogstaden and Quirine Okonkwo

Mixed Doubles A
Dana Squelch and Dom Costa

Men’s Singles A

Juan Lleeras and Andrew Stein

Men’s Singles B

Carl Ciccarelli and Jerry Vanaski

Men’s Singles C
Jason Porto

Men’s Doubles A
Art DeMateo and Greg Hung

Men’s Doubles B
Ross Grana and Jim Quigley

Men’s 55+ Singles
Steve Hanchuk

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Tennis League in Pittsburgh leaders update as of July 5th 2012

Tennis league current leaders

Men’s Singles A  – Ken Levin

Men’s Singles B – Joe Kern

Men’s Singles C-

Women Singles A- Fran Steger

Women Singles B– Fran Steger

Men’s Doubles A – Greg Hung/Art DeMateo

Men’s Doubles B –  Leonard Romito/Fred Kuhn

Women Doubles A – (Rome Section) Amy Baron/Rajeeta Baraz  -2-0 (Palermo Section) Mavis Close/Kai Liu 1-0

Men’s 55 + Singles   –  Steve Hanchuk

Men’s 65+ Doubles – Jim Quigley/Tony Wettick

Mixed Doubles A  – Amy and Tom Baron

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Tennis League in Pittsburgh

Tennis in Pittsburgh

The only league giving you more tennis for less money

In just it’s 3rd year the newest flex tennis league in the Pittsburgh area has already gained popularity with over 100 players. The league was organized to give players an opportunity to play competitive tennis matches at the location of their choice and give them plenty of time to do so at their convenience with very little cost. Unlike a tournament, when you spend hours waiting to play, vinnys tennis league in Pittsburgh lets you schedule your own matches effectively.

The league is comprised of many divisions. Women’s Singles A and B, Men’s Singles A,B, and C, Women’s Doubles A, Men’s Doubles A and B, Men’s 55+ Singles,Men’s 65+ Doubles, Mixed Doubles A.  Next season there will be additions of Women’s Singles C, Mixed Doubles B and Men’s 65+ Singles.  Entry fee is minimal and we are sponsored by the Highland Park Tennis Club.

The league starts early spring and runs into early September.  A roster is given to all players in each division and each player/team has the responsibility of arranges matches at the court of their choosing.

Vince Romito has been involved in tennis since the early 70’s and worked for the World Team Tennis , Pittsburgh Triangles. The Pittsburgh Triangles boasted such stars as Ken Rosewall, Evonne Goolagong, Vitas Gerulaitis,Peggy Michel and many others.

The league starts in early spring of each year and also is involved in many tennis events around the city during the winter.  Scores are reported after each match and posted daily on the website.  Tournaments, tennis parties and other social events are shown on the website.

For more information on how to join, check out the website or blog.

Doubles Tennis “No man’s land” — are you there too often?

Doubles tennis “No man’s land” — are you there too often?

No man’s land is defined as the area in doubles or singles between the baseline and the service line. We find ourselves there occasionally having to hit an awkward half volley or very low volley.

Vinnys Tennis League

Vinnys Tennis League in Pittsburgh

In doubles, it’s important that you actually practice hitting shots from these positions so that you’re not totally confused when confronted with those shots. But more importantly, even though you may be there, don’t stay there. In singles or doubles either get back behind the baseline or get up to net in order to put yourself in a better position for a more comfortable shot.



Ken Levin wins Men’s Singles A Division for 2nd year in a row

Men's Singles A Champion. Ken Levin

For the 2nd year in a row Ken Levin won the Men’s Singles A division. Ken who was undefeated in the top section played against Murali Balasubramanyam.Both players were undefeated in their section. Ken won 6-0,6-2.

Last season Ken lost to Nick Rhodes during the regular season, 2-6,7-5,6-3, then returned the favor by beating Nick   in the finals,4-6,6-2,6-1.

2011 Men’s Singles A scoreboard

vinnystennisleague in the Pittsburgh area


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