Paddle Tennis Rules

All of us have heard of tennis being played with rackets, but here’s a game of tennis that is played with a paddle. Paddle tennis is quite similar to lawn tennis barring the sizes of the court and the net, both of which are smaller in the former. The paddle tennis court is devoid of double lanes and requires more stamina on the part of the players.

The paddle used in this game is about 9.5 inches x 18 inches in size. It is usually made from wood, though other hard materials are occasionally used. There are strings on it. A pressurized tennis ball is used for the game. The net is 22 feet long and 2.6 feet wide and is 31 inches above the surface of the ground. It is 18 inches outside the sidelines. Non-marking rubber soled shoes are worn while playing the game.

31 inches is the maximum height up to which a player can serve. He is allowed to serve only once losing which chance, he makes a foul stroke. While serving, the player is allowed to toss the ball in the air or even bounce it behind the base line on the court.

The player who opens a serve is not allowed to cross the baseline breaking which rule, the player stands to lose a point. While serving if the player misses the ball or his ball touches the net, the move is considered faulty. After each game, the players exchange positions.

When the ball falls perfectly on the line or touches the line, the move is called a good ball. The respective player earns a legal point. The system of scores is the same as for lawn tennis. When a player has a lead by over 2 games, he is considered the winner. A tie breaker is held to decide a draw match.

New to tennis


Remember that tennis is really a match of problems plus they occur generally from your opponent, but you will also find other problems that enjoying tennis can need of you. Allow me to share some samples of usual needs the match of tennis spots on you, regardless of your opponent.

-getting to the right length with the ball
-finding the correct pace within your stroke
-keeping fantastic balance while you happen to be moving and hitting the ball
-looking for that suitable angle of your racket head
-swinging with the ball at the proper time and several much more, make up your own private checklist and use your own private comments to act upon them

Now listed here are several examples of the issues which might be the end result of actively playing your opponent:

-Impose your successful strategy game by attempting to outmaneuver and outsmart your opponent.
-Look to foresee your opponent’s activity and shots.
-Enjoy your psychological involvement from the fight with the opponent.
-Endeavor to regulate your photographs whenever your opponent puts strain on you, often strike the ball back to the court docket whenever you can. Normally make your opponent perform another shot.For those who have the time then you can certainly impose your use of speed or course within your pictures, to place your opponent below stress way too.

All over again there are various additional illustrations, make your own personal checklist up and employ your own opinions to act upon them.
Any time you think about every one of these worries, you may see that tennis is very demanding and interesting to manage.

It is best to obtain satisfaction by conquering them, remembering to also have a good time whilst you happen to be finding out and producing your tennis encounter. Remember that they are just the issues of the activity, comparable to exercising and finishing a crossword in which you need to remedy the word difficulties. Try never to be completely obsessive about tennis, you may learn more and revel in enjoying tennis if you can also make home for other pursuits in your daily life too.


Tennis league possible finalists for the 2012 season

With a little over 1 day left, here are the possible finalists in each event.

There is still time to play matches and 1 match can make a difference in being in the finals.

Mixed doubles has the most possibilities.     Go To main website


  • Women’s Singles A       Fran Steger vs Tanya or Nafari
  • Women’s Singles B        Fran Steger vs Roxane, Linda or Meg
  • Women’s Doubles        Ester/Quirine vs Amy/Rajeeta, Fran/Kathy vs Mavis/Kai
  • Men’s Singles A            Ken vs Bernie
  • Men’s Singles B             Joe Kern vs Leonard, Marios or Rob
  • Men’s Singles C              Sergei vs Jason
  • Men’s 55+ Singles        Vince vs Steve
  • Men’s Doubles A            Art and Greg vs Fred and Danny
  • Men’s Doubles B            Leonard and Fred vs Mark and Jeff
  • Men’s 65+ Doubles      Bob Romito/Norm Bloom vs Jim Quigley/Tony Wettig
  • Mixed Doubles               Jerry/Marjory vs Bud/Nafari or Tom/Amy or Rajeeta/Jim or Fred/Lawade

Tennis League in Pittsburgh

Tennis in Pittsburgh

The only league giving you more tennis for less money

In just it’s 3rd year the newest flex tennis league in the Pittsburgh area has already gained popularity with over 100 players. The league was organized to give players an opportunity to play competitive tennis matches at the location of their choice and give them plenty of time to do so at their convenience with very little cost. Unlike a tournament, when you spend hours waiting to play, vinnys tennis league in Pittsburgh lets you schedule your own matches effectively.

The league is comprised of many divisions. Women’s Singles A and B, Men’s Singles A,B, and C, Women’s Doubles A, Men’s Doubles A and B, Men’s 55+ Singles,Men’s 65+ Doubles, Mixed Doubles A.  Next season there will be additions of Women’s Singles C, Mixed Doubles B and Men’s 65+ Singles.  Entry fee is minimal and we are sponsored by the Highland Park Tennis Club.

The league starts early spring and runs into early September.  A roster is given to all players in each division and each player/team has the responsibility of arranges matches at the court of their choosing.

Vince Romito has been involved in tennis since the early 70’s and worked for the World Team Tennis , Pittsburgh Triangles. The Pittsburgh Triangles boasted such stars as Ken Rosewall, Evonne Goolagong, Vitas Gerulaitis,Peggy Michel and many others.

The league starts in early spring of each year and also is involved in many tennis events around the city during the winter.  Scores are reported after each match and posted daily on the website.  Tournaments, tennis parties and other social events are shown on the website.

For more information on how to join, check out the website or blog.

LaWade and Fred win the Mixed Doubles A vinnys tennis league in a close match

LaWade Garris and Fred Crawford win finals vs Lorna Secrest and Vince Romito

If you add up the total number of games for this match, you’ll find it exactly even at 13 games each. However, Fred and Lawade won the 3rd set and that was the difference in a 6-3,1-6,6-4 match over Lorna Secrest and Vince Romito on an early Sunday morning at the Highland Park Tennis Courts.

Lorna and Vince were undefeated during the regular season and had beaten LaWade and Fred after they had won the first set in a tiebreaker.  The weather was just too much for Fred and La Wade and they had to retire.

It was one of the toughest matches in vinnystennisleague in the Pittsburgh area.

2011 Mixed Doubles A scoreboard

vinnystennisleague in the Pittsburgh area

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