Quirine Okonkwo wins 2nd Straight Women’s Singles A Championship


Quirine Okonkwo won her 2nd straight Women’s Singles A Championship with a straight set victory over Amy Baron in the 2011 tennis season.

She had previously won in 2010 by winning all of her matches in the first year of the Vinnys Tennis League in the Pittsburgh area.


Here are the season records of all the women in this division:


Quirine Okonkwo 7-0
Amy Baron 6-2
Fran Steger 3-3
Nafari Vanaski 3-3
Barbara Rudolph 2-4
Shawna Jones 2-0
Louise Herrle 1-5
Lynn Epstein 1-2
Amy Morgan 1-7

For detailed information on all the matches played in the Women’s Singles A, please go to

Vinnys Tennis League Women’s Singles A