Tennis Doubles and scheduling matches

Doubles and 2 easy ways to schedule matches

Scheduling doubles matches with 4 people with 4 different schedules can sometimes be difficult.


Vacations, work, family, injury and other commitments can usually make it complicated to play a match.

The best way is to utilize email by offering out a few available dates and times to the other team.

The first thing to do would be to find out when you and your partner have concurring schedules.

Next, send out an email to the other teams with your schedule.

Tips for doubles matches

Before sending out any messages, check with your partner first to avoid any confusion.

This will eliminate any miscommunication between the two players and make life so much easier for all sides.


Tennis is a fun sport that provides a healthy dose of exercise, and when played in a doubles format, you have the opportunity to work in a team environment. Doubles tennis matches consist of a total of four players, with two players on each team.


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