Month: May 2012

Tennis League in Pittsburgh leaders update as of July 5th 2012

Tennis league current leaders

Men’s Singles A  – Ken Levin

Men’s Singles B – Joe Kern

Men’s Singles C-

Women Singles A- Fran Steger

Women Singles B– Fran Steger

Men’s Doubles A – Greg Hung/Art DeMateo

Men’s Doubles B –  Leonard Romito/Fred Kuhn

Women Doubles A – (Rome Section) Amy Baron/Rajeeta Baraz  -2-0 (Palermo Section) Mavis Close/Kai Liu 1-0

Men’s 55 + Singles   –  Steve Hanchuk

Men’s 65+ Doubles – Jim Quigley/Tony Wettick

Mixed Doubles A  – Amy and Tom Baron

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Tennis and How To Win The Inner Game

Do you apprehend the ways that of winning the inner game together with your mind? Timothy Gallwey developed this idea in his bestselling book Inner Game of tennis. you are close to conclude a lot of ways that of winning the inner game of tennis and these ways that are applicable to all or any alternative areas of life.

Inner game is really rarely a game. How is that? Well, typically we have a tendency to simply hear each thought that comes up in our consciousness and hear it. Like having a radio stuck to your ear and repeating everything that you just hear.

Playing a game means you’ve got some influence on your opponent. however if we have a tendency to simply hear each thought that comes up in our mind, then that’s not a game, it’s obedience.

The first step is to become detached from your mind. It’s simply your mind, it is not you! It’s merely releasing thoughts from the realm of your unconsciousness and there’s no finish to them.

So how are you able to truly play the sport together with your mind?

Here are five ways that you’ll be able to win the inner game of your mind:

1. Fighting the mind

The most typical example of fighting the mind is after we are afraid. Courage is really a win against worry – and that is after we fight our mind. Our mind is telling us one thing and that we do not do it. there’s another internal or external motivation that moves us through the worry.

Fighting the worry may end up in a {very} very stunning outcome if we have a tendency to persist. after we are in an exceedingly worryful state of affairs and that we overcome fear, we have a tendency to gain some confidence. after we are confronted with that or an identical event later, we have a tendency to overcome that worry a lot of simply. we have a tendency to feel that the worry is smaller. Eventually we have a tendency to win the interior battle and also the worry doesn’t seem anymore. we do not have to be compelled to pay our nervous energy to beat the worry, therefore then we are able to be rather more effective in alternative mental activities at that moment.

2. Tricking the mind

This concept is that the main plan within the Inner Game of tennis book. we have a tendency to trick the mind by focusing it on one thing relevant and one thing fascinating – seeing how the ball is spinning or watching the flight path of the ball and things like that.

We are taking part in a game with our mind and even supposing we all know that we’ll trick the mind and also the mind is aware of it, it still falls for the trick. Not continually however we have a tendency to restore with follow.

3. paying attention to your mind

When we develop smart awareness of our thinking, we decide what we’ll believe. we decide whether or not some thoughts are vital or not. Again, this can be not some Indian mystical ability; we have a tendency to do that all the time.

No? have you ever ever thought of hitting somebody and you didn’t? Or some guy on the road drove in front of you and you needed to crash in his car? And you didn’t? You selected to not follow the thoughts! You saw how useless and damaging would that be within the long run.

That’s specifically what we’d like to try and do in tennis. Hitting a winner from three meters behind the baseline on the run isn’t an inspiration to follow. If simply when a foul line decision an inspiration like this appears: «Everything is against me; I cannot presumably win this«, then this can be not an honest thought to follow!

4. Ignoring the mind – the door to the zone

This is an excellent higher ability to own than simply listening and choosing the thoughts. after you ignore the mind it feels as if you are watching the TV and also the radio is on. you’re therefore centered on the TV show, that you just do not hear the radio. however it’s taking part in fine.

And the same may be done with our minds. we are able to get therefore centered on the tennis game that we do not even hear and understand what the mind is talking concerning.

5. Shutting the mind off – getting into the zone

This is the last word ability and it permits the player to enter the zone. Shutting the mind off happens after you are ignoring the mind for a protracted time. Some thoughts come back however you just do not care and you simply keep taking part in. anytime an inspiration seems you simply let it pass.

What happens when a minute (and it’s my very own experience) is that the mind looks to induce offended. Since we do not notice the mind’s chatting, it’s therefore upset that it refuses to speak to us anymore. Suddenly there’s silence within the mind.

And you’ll be able to simply play. there’s no past or future. They exist solely within the mind. what’s is currently.

So this can be a progression in taming the mind. generally it gets alittle rough, however eventually the mind looks to administer up particularly after we do not care. And there lies the liberty from concepts, ideas and beliefs. solely when the match you unleash this zone state and come back to your traditional beta state of brain wavelength. Back together with your mind friend.

Piers plays tennis with Serena Williams


Piers plays tennis with Serena Williams

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